Tara J. Maldonado

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Classes taken out of a need to shake the tree, as it were, have become a life path and a channel for the creative bug I always new was inside of me.

I spent many years in advertising, managing creative folks, watching great, smart ideas make their way into the world and I wondered what my contribution to the creative picture would be.

Several floral design classes, years and amazing clients later and I am now the proud CEO of The Blissful Bloom! We are a small, bespoke floral design studio based in NY. I’m grateful for the courage to walk away from a fulfilling career to start a new one. For me, by me. Most importantly, I’m surrounded by other awesome entrepreneurs in varied stages of their businesses and we all see how important it is to inspire and encourage one another. Paying it forward, if you will.

I’ve never been more free, excited and anxious in my life. I think it means I’m doing something right.  That’s My Life and I love it!