As we speak, I have your Manifesto hanging right by desk. I recently quit my job to pursue my dream of creating a social enterprise that provides crucial financial education and life skills training to our youth. I’ve always wanted to inspire positive change and hope in America’s youth but never had the guts to go after it full-time.

A year ago, I was introduced to your Manifesto and I kept reading it—all day, every day. One day this year, I was like, “You know what, right on—why am I not LIVING this?” It was time to make the switch. I am so fortunate to have figured out my life calling and nothing should stand in the way of pursuing it.

Thank you, Holstee, for having the guts to inspire millions of people to do what they love and in return inspire others to do the same! Your Manifesto allows us all to pursue what truly makes us happy—sharing happiness is a key part of cultivating the human spirit in our world!

Love and Peace