After a few years working for a large mining company, I found myself repeatedly looking at the computer screen, and asking myself: “Why am I doing this?” It had no meaning, had no real conetion, there was an inconsistency within the enterprise system, and I tried to resist for longer, I resigned, and fortunately I came to see life through different eyes, more maturely.

I moved to Sao Paulo, and started working with my father, and come the time that everything changed. Strong and profound changes, so there’s no coming back, I always say, “knowing the truth, I can not stay in ‘convenience,’ I must be part of the solution, not the problem.”

I realized that I sold organic products, and like me, producers should consume and promote this chain. I’ve engaged in Sao Paulo group, which discusses and puts into practice requests from farmers along the organs responsible government. A year after many meetings, and we made a change of a organics law, thanks to the joint efforts of farmers, traders and consumers of organics in São Paulo.

Promoting the sale of products that replace pesticides in our farm, and in 2010 I discover that I am “social entrepreneur,” another radical change in my perception of identity and community. Inside The Hub, I found people who are like me, do a radically better world. Before, I felt alone because hardly among my friends people had engaged in transformation.

Last year, climbed nearly 50% in our revenue, coming in 425 thousand reais, employ 14 people, all with their labor rights guaranteed. We are proud of our employees.

After a few years, “sold my life,” everything that I “had” turned into money, or was happy to be in the house of some friends, and my brother, even my car was stolen, and since then, the bike is my best friend & transport.

I spent so much time in hard traffic, so today I’ve decided to travel by bike, feeling life with another rhythm and path.

On the way, the expedition Ciclocultura will be planting permaculture knowledge, and exchanges ancestors wisdom mixed with modern technologies. We intend to lead workshops, such as bicycles that generate energy for locations without electricity, as well as bioconstrution and gardens, root seeds exchange and fostering fair trade economy.

A year is the expectation on the farm until we hit the Amazon, were my farm is located, on the Pará state.

Living the dream really, believe in the heart, go fearlessly, answers reside within each one.

As our trip is collaborative, we ask please to share it! ALso you can send suggestions for routes, receive us into your homes, towns!