Randolph James Brazier

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Back in 2011, I was working in a good job and had my life set out before me. Completely unexpectedly, I was struck down by a mystery illness whereby I was unable to stand or walk for 4 months. I am happy to say now that it is gone but the doctors still do not know what was wrong with me and cannot promise it will not come back.

While I was sick, I decided that even if I was wheelchair bound, I wanted to make a difference to the world. So I applied for a Masters Degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Initially I went and traveled around Europe and Asia and then went back to my old job. I was then shocked to found out I had been accepted and offered a scholarship. Fast forward 12 months, I put my career on hold (maybe?) and here I am studying in the UK. I have literally no idea what I am going to do at the end of this year and I have never felt so alive in my life.

Life can throw out the most unexpected and unusual challenges. How you decide to deal with them will determine how happy in life you are and how much of difference you will make to the world.