To me, the Holstee Manifesto has two significant meanings. It reminds me to live every day to the fullest, to do what I love and keep the people close to my heart that deserve it. I’ve always had the feeling life is too short to be wasted with doing something that does not make you happy. I am certainly not perfect, but I am so blessed that life, so far, has given me good things and valuable lessons to learn.

The Manifesto also speaks to me in relationship with the bond with my parents. Especially my mother, who is a person full of inhibitions, full of self-loathing and doubt, and in her 50+ years she has not overcome this and started to love herself the way she is. She, of course, is not perfect either, but she deserves more love of herself. I think most people are beautiful, as long as their souls are. She is a person with so much experience and wisdom of life – and therefore, a beautiful soul, but to her, all that matters is weight and wrinkles. To have a loved one utter sentences like “I wish I was anorexic for just a little while, just until I‘m thin” just hurts you and you can see how that self-hate makes herself and everyone around her miserable. My dad is a more practical man, but he is caught in a profession which on the one hand he absolutely loves, and which used to be his dream job, but on the other hand brings so much problems as the constellation of people having to work together is just awful.

To me, my parents were clearly my role models. I have studied (still am, for a PhD) a very long time to be able to get into a profession that will make me happy for a long time, but which, hopefully, will also give me the freedom to leave a place that doesn’t suit me anymore. My parents have taught me how to chase your dreams, but also, how to NOT attempt it. I wish I could show them some of what I have learned not to do based on their examples. The Holstee Manifesto, to me, sums it up. Live your life with passion and share it with others. I would add: “Dance like nobody is watching.” Plus, as a little extra, this year I have met the man who has the potential to be on my side for the rest of my life and who will support all the great challenges and gifts this life gives and enjoy them together with me. And Im only 26. Incredible 🙂

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts. I hope you have a hopeful and happy story yourself, too.