Monica Mueller

San Francisco & South America

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In the final months before graduating college, my best friend and I started dreaming about what we actually wanted to do with our lives. This dream morphed into a nonprofit to boost children’s creative confidence. Before we launched, we volunteered with an organization who had a very similar mission, Arte del Mundo, and who is now our nonprofit partner. After working with them for a few months, we realized we could have the biggest impact by providing financial support for the organization. After discovering our first artist, Condor, the model fell into place. Condor’s passion for his leather working deeply inspired us, and we wanted to share his story and his beautiful work with the world. Through Artful Venture’s platform, we are able to empower both the artists we meet, and give back to Arte del Mundo to support art education and literacy. While traveling, we discover various vibrant artists to feature on our site and sell their handcrafted “wearable art”. Through sharing the artist’s story and good, our mission is to support the creativity, passion, and originality of artists, while bringing the value of art back into the retail industry.