I’ve always had that little inkling in the back of my head that I was destined to become remarkable. But I guess we all do, really.

I spent 20 years strolling through life, thinking “One day, fate is going to find me, and I’ll fulfill my destiny. Good things come to those who wait.”

But then I saw something which gave me a massive wake up call. It was a little poster in the corner of the staffroom at work, something I’d never seen before. It just contained words.

And that was it. I woke up. Life happens to all. But not for all. Life is something you have to make happen for yourself.

So I decided that it was going to be my mission to become remarkable. I started a blog called Scarphelia to chart my progress and tell of my theories, philosophies and thoughts on making the most of every day of precious life, talking wildly of fate, destiny and creating beauty with the world.

In just three months I had over 15,000 hits, a band of loyal readers and had already been on the most incredible journey of my entire life. The opportunities and doors that open when you decide you want to start living, were beyond any that I could’ve dreamed of and I owed it all to that one little poster in the staffroom.

In the fourth month I stumbled across the Holstee Manifesto online and almost choked as I realised these were the sacred words of my much beloved poster.

I believe it was fate which drew me to that poster, and fate which bought me to the website to realize where this incredible journey had all began.

And if this has all happened from just four months of living by the words of the Holstee Manifesto. The rest of my life is the most exciting prospect in the entire world.