“Start doing things you love.” It’s really that simple — just start. All you need is a little momentum to get you going and the rest will fall into place. Before you know it you’ll be looking back in admiration at how much you’ve accomplished.

For me, the lightbulb over my head illuminated with this “Just start” theory when I was driving from Santa Barbara to my home in Los Angeles at the time. Instead of taking the usual (faster) route down the 101, I took the slower and more scenic route along the coast — Highway 1. Looking out over the ocean when the sunroof open and the music blaring, it dawned on me: There’s an entire planet out there, and I should see it. As soon as I arrived back home I sent an email off to by friend and business partner. THAT was my momentum. The wheels were set into motion. A few short months later we had converted all business operations into system that could be run completely online — from anywhere in the world. Booking our 20-stop, 6-continent Around-The-World tickets was the climax of the momentum that had been building up ever since that first email. There was no turning back.

Fast forward to today and I’ve now been to 54 countries across the globe. I’ve seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I’ve hiked to Machu Pichu. I’ve celebrated Holi in India. I’ve been scubadiving in the Maldives. I’ve bungee jumped in Bali and most recently accomplished my goal of skydiving in Burning Man. All because I took that first step. It’s possible. So, what will you start right NOW??