Don McAvinchey

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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I started portraying Mahatma Gandhi at the Unitarian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, in Spring of 2007, and now have done 109 talks and portrayals on Gandhi’s philosophy applied to our modern life both here in the United States, and in India four times. Every moment of my travels and talks have been superb experiences for me, and have inspired me to follow so much of the Holstee Manifesto: Follow my dreams, love people in HUGE ways, share, do what I love to do.

My intention is to continue to create connections between my teaching of Gandhi’s ideas and people around the world, to keep the message of love, compassion, harmony and friendship alive and percolating in my heart and in those I meet. I’ve been invited to 13 countries to portray and teach Gandhi’s philosophy, and I’d love to continue toward that dream and contribution being fulfilled.

The Holstee Manifesto is mine as well. I love the way doing what I love to do, connecting and sharing with others, has opened up a whole new world for me. It’s happening. And it continues to inspire me, daily.

With Big, Giant Love,