I’ve discovered this Manifesto last year, being in New York and walking trough the streets. On the brick wall, looking at me as if saying, “You, what you try to make, understand, your friends, around you is all there,” then I’ve started sharing it.

Working as 1st Assistant director in cinema makes some part that text more revelant than others. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something change it. Getting lost will help your find yourself. This is basic in working in that kind of industry. Yourself is so invested in a project, in a idea, in following someone’s creative progress and making it happen, that you cannot do that just as a cool job. YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOUR PASSION, and being passionate is living. I think you can’t find yourself happy if you don’t follow your instinct and your true nature. Mine is doing films, helping directors make their imagination become life. Even more, working with that type of person, those who crave what they’re doing, is completely amazing.

So, those and more reasons that would be too long to explain are why I’ve totally agree with what says that Manifesto. I trully love it. (Sorry for the potential mistakes around that text, sometimes writing is not as easy as talking. But, it’s written with humility and truth!)