Catalina Cornejo

Bogotá, Colombia

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I left my job 7 months ago. I had been there for the past 6 years. Though I worked with wonderful people, and performed a good job, I always felt deep within me a strong pull towards something that could be more rewarding. I knew it wasn’t money or success what I was after. Instead, a strong but gentle voice was guiding me to acknowledge that everything I was looking for was actually myself. I needed to stop listening to all that mind chatter than pulled me away from my heart, be still for a moment and open the path to all of those feeling that for such a long time I had been blocking from my awareness in order to be productive and to ‘fit in’. Today, I can acknowledge without any regret that I was completely mistaken about that. It wasn’t until I released all my love, my gratitude, my happiness, my joy, my creativity from that limiting mentality that I actually started living.

Little by little, the pieces of my life’s puzzle are starting to fit into each other. Everything is making sense. I won’t say it’s easy to let go and risk everything to pursue an inner ‘hunch’, but at the same time, the freedom and fulfillment that such a decision implies are incredibly rewarding.

As a painter, I’ve always felt that art has a powerful influence and reach through the images it creates. Not only that, but I feel art is a magnificent tool for everyone to get in touch with their inner most feelings, emotions and thoughts, and transform them in such a way, that even the darkest thought about one’s self can become an extraordinary motive to promote change within us and others through colors, forms, movement and creativity.

Art is inspiring, it heals us, it joins us, it makes us want to be better for ourselves and for others. And I believe that for all of these reasons and many more, I’m now enrolled in an art therapy certificate and a transpersonal counseling training course, that I know will not only allow me to be myself and show myself without any fear of being judged or questioned about my choice, but also, to share my experience with others, encourage and inspire them to believe that dreams and inner hunches are sometimes the best path to follow.

The Holstee Manifesto is indeed a daily reminder for me about the power each of those words and thoughts represent in following what I feel right inside me, as well as a powerful reinforcement tool to keep myself going without looking back.

Love to you all.