I graduated with a dual major in Marketing and Business Management back in 2009 when the market was in shambles and no one was hiring recent college grads. I decided I needed a mental holiday and took off for 3 months as an aupair in Italy where they paid for my airfare, living and weekly allowance. It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget and highly suggest trying. When I got back and had to move back home with my parents, I got to work immediately writing everyone that graduated from my college (St. Bonaventure University) on LinkedIn, begging and pleading to pass my resume along.

I wrote 300 of these desperate emails when one day I got a response! From that one nice man that passed my resume along, I got 7 interviews in NYC and landed them all! I choose NBC and moved to NYC a week later on a bus with a suitcase, $300 to my name and moved into a terrible apartment with a hoarder as a roommate. The market was low in NYC for rentals and I was able to save up enough money and got my own apartment 3 months later.  After working in digital media for 2 years, I soon realized that corporate life is not for me. I hate Excel with a burning passion and it was a sick joke that that became 50 hours of my week! I decided I needed another change. I decided I wanted to follow my passion of being a floral designer! I grew up in upstate NY working in greenhouses and creating flower boxes during high school. I missed working with nature.

I had one month saved for expenses and I decided to go for it. I started my company Miss Fancy Plants as a pop up flower shop at the Brooklyn Flea Market and word of mouth quickly spread. I am now specializing in wedding and event floral design full time and have never in my entire life felt so alive. I live and breathe my passion now and it’s both terrifying and exciting in all the right ways. I am so happy everyday that I wake up it feels like my heart could burst.

It’s true. Do what you love and never work a day in your life again.