It was just a few short months ago that I was led to Holstee through means of social media where I discovered & fell in love with the Manifesto. Upon reading, I embraced and shared the concept with everyone I could. Immediately, I ordered a poster, which now hangs in my dining room. I feel like I’ve always been somewhat in tune with its message, however it’s now applicable on a much deeper more personal level.

New Year’s Eve 2013 brought about change in a big way. At 25 years old, I sat in the doctors office 20lbs lighter being told that I had advanced testicular cancer. The following days were filled with doctor’s appointments, anxiety, and within 5 days I was scheduled for a surgery. What was expected to be an outpatient procedure became a week stay in hospital with immediate chemotherapy. My world became abruptly flipped and distorted. Being bulldozed with such an intense experience left me breathless, but never once did I feel sorry for myself. I instinctively became focused and determined while the Holstee Manifesto burned intently in the back of my mind.

Currently, Ive completed 3 cycles of treatment and have one more ahead of me. I continue to impress my doctors and, according to them, am the first to not get sick on my regimen. I fully attribute my success to my lifestyle consisting of the healthiest foods, exercise, a strong, positive attitude, and a support system including the most amazing family and friends.

Reading the Manifesto daily fills me with the greatest inspiration that I hope to be paying forward. This healing journey has been an incredible gift and I’m so excited to see what opportunities are generated because of it. So many fantastic things have already been falling into place and Im beyond grateful. This new lease on life is exhilarating. Each day is a gift. There is not a moment to waste. Go live YOUR life and smile.

Update: I feel Holstee has been such an integral part of my healing journey. July 8th was my 6 month anniversary since surgery. I had learned that if attention wasn’t given to my situation back in January, I would have had 2 months to live. Pretty intense, right? Instead, that July morning was spent enrolling in a masters program at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago as I travel down the road to obtain my Ph.D in holistic medicine. I’m beyond thrilled to now give back! The college also has campuses in NYC & San Diego. I’ll be spending the first year of my studies in Chicago, but next year I’ll be exploring the East Coast.