I saw the Holstee Manifesto in Krakow about a month ago. I was being hosted by a girl (a friend of a friend), a really smart 24 years old girl. I had been ill in the previous months and I hadn’t fully recovered, yet. Beside that, I had worked so hard (despite of being ill) that I had almost quit all my other extra activities. Workplace had become a tensed place because of conflicts among colleagues, so that workdays had become silent and stressful. I was exhausted in body and mind and I had slowly lost that energy that makes you wake up lively and happy and keep you desiring new things, new people, new adventures.

I spent some days in that flat in Krakow and I read and re-read the Manifesto. I gradually realized that what I really needed was a sort of restart and that those were the words I needed.

Now it seems to me that I had a change and I turned into the energetic girl I used to be. Maybe it is because of the incredible people I met in Poland, may be it is because of the words of Holstee Manifesto… most likely, it’s both of them!

Now I feel it’s my turn to spread Holstee Manifesto and I started to give it as a present to anyone looking like they need it!