I was first introduced to Holstee and the Manifesto by a good friend of mine who inspired me to go out and use my passion for doing great things.

It all sounded good on paper but I didn’t know where to start or how to use my passion proactively and I was completely stuck. I was working a job I didn’t enjoy at all but knew it was just a part-time thing until I found something more. The only problem: I couldn’t find what I knew in my heart I was looking for.

Another thing that fueled my fire was Project M, a platform for social good using creativity in a new way known lovingly as “Thinking Wrong.” This changed my life dramatically. Those two weeks involved in Project M solidified my desire to do good in the world and focus on what I can do using my knowledge and skill set to inspire others and make positive change in my community.

Once again, the words of the Manifesto were intertwined with my life and my aspirations. I was inspired to leave my job and pursue something more, to be a student of life and strive to constantly learn and grow.

Ultimately I was led to Holstee and found a position as their design intern, which is where I am today. I never thought I would end up in New York City with an amazing group of people, but I certainly appreciate every moment here and look forward to what lies ahead.

I’m grateful for that first experience with the words of the Manifesto and truly believe that everyone should go out and do what they love and do it often. And no matter how bleak things may look, if you keep working and keep searching for your passion, you’ll find your place.