In 2010, after I got dumped from my 20 year job at a company I had lost belief in, it was like I was shot out of a velvet cannon into everything I was meant to be.  Without the chaos and self-sabotage of a daily toxic environment, I was able to gain elevation and see things from a different view, a higher open view.  Not being in a cage unlocked my knees and legs and I feel like I’m running, full speed, toward who I am meant to be and doing what I am meant to do.  When I read the Holstee Manifesto, I felt like it had been etched in my bones a million years ago.  It felt like whatever that ineffable thing is that’s truer than truth.  It reminded me that all those years at a job that flattened my heart served the fine purpose of reminding me over and over and over that I am an expert at having a flattened heart! —- so know I will be an expert at open, huge, lively heart!  xoxo