Amy Lee Peters

Pilates Center of Viera , Viera Florida

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I first came across the Manifesto on Facebook last year. I shared it with everyone. I love riding my bike and I posted the Lifecycle video twice on my Facebook page! The Manifesto is everything that I believe and strive to be in my life. For many years, I struggled working three jobs while trying to figure out my future. I went through a nasty divorce and dealt with numerous health issues. A funny thing happened when I started to live my passion, when I started to believe in myself and my dreams: I became happy and brave. I quit all the jobs and focussed on the job I love (teaching Pilates!) I left the bad relationship (in a great one now) and I helped people feel good while sharing my passion. I opened a Pilates studio (5 years now!) and I absolutely love my job and my life. I live my passion and it makes me so happy. The Manifesto is an inspiration to me and my clients (the poster hangs proudly in my Pilates studio). Life will always have it’ challenges but the Manifesto has been a beautiful reminder of the important things in life.