I started out like any other middle class American kid. However, I was always bored with the status quo, so I joined the high school newspaper where I regularly questioned authority and shared my opinions. By the time I graduated from college six years later, my experience in student journalism along with my cultural trip to Mexico and my study abroad in Spain, gave me a thirst for exploration.

After a brief pit stop in corporate America, I embraced social responsibility marketing and joined the national animal welfare movement. In 2001, I founded The People-Pet Partnership, a non-profit to combat pet overpopulation in Philadelphia. In 2009, two years after moving 1,700 miles with an RV full of my own pets, I opened The Feline Fix, Colorado’s first high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic for stray and feral cats.

During this period I also immersed myself in improvisational theater, which led me to create and produce two innovative theater experiences. It’s All About Amy is the improvised story of my life where fact meets fiction and 3 Blind Dates is Denver’s only live, unscripted romantic comedy. In an effort to combine my passion for animal welfare with my improvisational theater experience, I took on the alter ego, Nurse Nancy, to serve as a tongue in cheek ambassador for pet overpopulation using cat condoms and doggie birth control pills to spread the spay/neuter message.

Throughout these experiences, I also developed a love for meaningful travel. Some of my more unconventional trips include a visit to Spain to participate in Englishtown – a program to immerse Spanish professionals in the English language; a volunteer vacation with a cat shelter in Rome; and eco-tours of Costa Rica and Belize.

My real adventure began when I turned 40 while on safari in South Africa. Realizing I had veered off the path of my “right life,” I returned determined to make major changes both personally and professionally. In the first half of 2012, I left my relationship, my home and my career. In the second half of that year, I married the love of my life – one year to the day I unveiled an authentic, heartfelt online profile on a dating website.

Last year, I came full circle and turned my attention back to writing. In doing so, I began exploring mindful living and became a contributor to elephantjournal.com. After many months of writing, traveling and restorative yoga, I visited an art bazaar where I stumbled upon adventure themed art. One piece in particular jumped out at me. It read: “Find your adventure!”

I then realized my next adventure was to create a new business that not only showcased my passions, but that also enabled me to share them with others. Two months later, I launched The Adventure Project, which connects the “Every Person” to relationship, life and travel adventures.

So many of us think of an adventure as jumping out of a plane or camping in the wilderness. While these certainly are examples of classic adventures, the real adventures happen when we’re open to discovering new relationships, new experiences and our authentic selves.

It took a while, but I finally found my adventure!