It was around two years ago, shortly after we were married, that my wife and I seriously started wondering: “What would our lives be like if we quit our jobs and set out to travel the world for a year?” Once the idea was in our heads, we couldn’t get it out, so we started started socking away as much money as possible. As our scheduled date of departure got closer, we started getting nervous about everything we were walking away from.  Then she discovered the Holstee Manifesto online and I immediately ordered a print.  We framed it and kept a copy on our desk for the next month before we left to remind us that we were making the right choices.  Then, finally, on the agreed-upon day, we both reluctantly walked away from our successful Silicon Valley careers with one-way tickets to the Philippines and backpacks full of photography gear.  

Now, the trip is winding down, we’re living in London, and we’ve had a lot of time to reflect about the incredible experiences that we had while traveling.  I put together a short (5 min) video with some of the highlights from our trip and I used the text of the Holstee Manifesto in the video to help tell the story.